In 2003 the company started manufacturing vocational automotive training equipment under the AUTOEDU brand. We design and manufacture automotive training equipment and other automotive educational products for teaching and training purposes of automotive technology .

Since 2004 our company has been organizing automotive diagnostic training courses in our own training center. During the training, there was a need for automotive training and demonstrational equipment on which could show and explain different automotive technologies, possibilities of measuring and diagnostic tools for fault searching and repairing.

Our manufactured automotive training equipment is a great tool for students of technical subjects to understand working processes of various automotive systems and explore different sensors, actuators, other devices and their functions.

By using our manufactured equipment students are able to learn how to perform various measurements, read and understand technical documentation, schematics, wiring diagrams, error codes, signal characteristics and diagnostic procedures. Long lasting cooperation between our company and different automotive/vocational schools, training centers and technical colleges helps us to provide them optimal, “up to date” high performance training products and solutions, suitable to their needs in different training programs.

Our products – educational aids

Our company designs and manufactur automotive training equipment. Our product range consists of:

Cars and trucks self – contained, fully operational engines with different fuel supply systems: petrol (MPI, FSI, TFSI, TSI and etc.), diesel (TD, TDI, Common Rail, PD, PLD and etc.) and hybrid petrol electric drive system. All our manufactured operational engines are available with pin-out facilities and fault simulation to assist students in the diagnostic training and to help them understand modern vehicle systems.

Training boards – simulators are based on OEM components and specially designed to help technical students understand better structure and components of automotive systems: engine control system (petrol and diesel), ABS, SRS and etc.

Functional models are fully operational educational tools in space saving version of a complete car with all its advantages.

Cutaway models of automotive components: engines, gearboxes and etc.

Custom made products. We manufacture customized testing equipment to control and test automatic gearboxes for Mercedes Benz cars and DSG gearboxes of VAG group cars. According to special needs of the customer we manufacture custom equipment for demonstration of specific diagnostic equipment.

Our foreign partners and export

The company has trade partners and representatives for AUTOEDU products in such countries as Germany, United Kingdom, Nederland, Brazil, Egypt, Malaysia, India, Japan, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Finland, Palestine, Latvia, Italy and others. During the short period of time AUTOEDU automotive training equipment and educational aids attracted attention of such companies which experience in didactic equipment industry is more than 50 years.

The company has presented their products and participated in international exhibitions such as: AUTOMECHANIKA MIMS Moscow (Russia), AUTO & Korjaamo Helsinki (Finland), AUTOMECHANIKA Frankfurt (Germany) and WORLD DIDAC Basel (Switzerland). The company‘s production was positively evaluated by their partners, potential clients and even by a few competitors.

Only in autumn of 2014 year the company has discovered export markets and already enjoys that several automotive training stands were sold and positively assessed in such countries as Germany, India and Japan.

Our customers

Automotive technical schools, vocational schools, technical colleges, academies, agriculture schools, private technical training organizations, diagnostic equipment and workshop equipment manufacturers, diagnostic equipment and garage equipment suppliers and wholesalers.

Our experience

Most of the company‘s employees have completed courses in training centers of such companies as AUTOCOM, TEXA, SNAP–ON, BOSCH, Brainbee, Jaltest and etc. Since year 2004 our company has its own training center and we train our customers how to perform automotive repairs and diagnostics. Since year 2005 we have modernized and successfully completed equipment installations in more than 25 educational institutions.

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