Mazda Rx twin-rotor Wankel Engine Cutaway Educational Trainer AE34400M AutoEDU

Reference: AE34400M
  • Feature: Driveshaft with flywheel
  • Feature: Twin-rotor
  • Feature: Suction and exhaust channels
  • Feature: Chain-driven oil pump

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Product Information

Accurate section of the most common Mazda RX Wankel engine, clearly showing the following main components:

  • Driveshaft with flywheel
  • Twin-rotor
  • Suction and exhaust channels
  • Chain-driven oil pump
  • Water pump with thermostatic valve
  • Electronic injection
  • Twin-spark ignition
  • The Twin Rotor Wankel cutaway engine is mounted on the stand with wheels.

Equipment for technical and vocational automotive education and training.


Feature Driveshaft with flywheel
Feature Twin-rotor
Feature Suction and exhaust channels
Feature Chain-driven oil pump
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